we strive to offer regional cuisine inspired by the seasons | don't get too attached to anything on the menu: the only constant is change

Chef John D. Perez


lavender lemon or pickled blueberry ginger

gluten free, vegan

bread loaf

The Cottage Bakery loaf, peppered butter, Girl Meets Dirt Farms quince



Hama Hama on the half with champagne mignonette and fresh horseradish

dairy free, gluten free

winter house salad

mizuna greens, citrus segments, dried Sauk Farm Honeycrisp apples, Bow Hill pickled blueberries, blueberry-cider dressing



a selection of locally-sourced cheese and cured meat with accoutrement

sunchoke dip

Wobbly Cart Farms sunchoke and bleu cheese dip, Mizuna greens, The Cottage bread slices


beet toast

red beets, goat cheese, micro beet, gluten free toast

gluten free, vegetarian

purple savory clams

steamed clams, white wine sauce, pea tendrils, bread

burrata bread bowl

sundried tomato sauce, burrata, bread bowl, mizuna green bed, micro basil


smoked salmon chowder bowl

Lummi Island smoked salmon, corn, red potatoes, celery, onions, cream

can be gluten free without bread bowl

smoked Lummi sockeye

golden beet-kohlrabi-carrot-black radish slaw, crème fraîche, micro basil, crispy salmon skin

gluten free

roasted duck

smashed majesty potato, nettle hollandaise, Osprey Farms poached egg, duck skin crisps

gluten free

Lopez Island creamery

wild blackberry ice cream, filo crisp, apple cider reduction


carrot cake

Local Roots Farms carrots, Cakes by Frosted talent