we strive to offer regional cuisine inspired by the seasons | don't get too attached to anything on the menu: the only constant is change

Chef John D. Perez

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popcorn $5

lavender lemon, sea salt & black pepper, Basque spice, or cinnamon sugar

gluten free, vegan

bread loaf $6

whipped pepper butter, seasonal preserves


castelvetrano olives $8

grapefruit, tarragon, paprika

gluten free, vegan

basque spiced nuts $6 / $12

small or large blend of almond, cashew, pecan, Brazil nuts, and Holmquist hazelnuts

gluten free, vegan

house salad $10

baby lettuce head, agave champagne vinaigrette, pickled golden beets, red onion goat cheese crumble, mustard greens

gluten free, vegetarian

halloumi salad $13

baby lettuce head, seared cheese, mint-poached fruit, violet flowers

gluten free, vegetarian

snap peas $10

one pound, garlic, ginger, sesame

gluten free, vegan

roasted cauliflower $9

red pepper sauce

gluten free, vegan

broccoli florets $10

burnt sage butter

gluten free, vegetarian

smoked salmon dip $14

inside a roasted poblano with bread slices

deviled eggs $8

skagit river ranch

gluten free, vegetarian

bucatini $10

mushroom blend (v), fresh tomato sauce (v), or salami d'arles (add $4)

duck wings $16

8 wings in a spice rub, on a bed of greens, with bleu cheese and ghost chili dipping sauces

gluten free


charcuterie $26

rotating selection of local cheeses, meats, and preserves

chocolate hazelnut $22

hazelnute spread, chocolate "salami", candied citrus, petite brie, chocolate mint spheres



smoked salmon chowder bowl $15

smoked salmon, corn, red potatoes, celery, onions, cream

albacore sashimi * $20

roasted turnips, sesame, violet flowers, horseradish, asparagus

dairy free, gluten free

* Consuming raw or undercooked food is dangerous. Stay safe out there.

spot prawn cocktail $20

4 oz with homemade cocktail sauce

dairy free, gluten free

spiced spot prawns $55

one pound prawns, rotating dipping sauce, bread


lopez island creamery $8

rotating ice cream selection

occasionally dairy free, always vegetarian

rotating special

you'll just have to come in to see what it is...