old fashioned

Find yourself a cozy corner with an old friend, belly up to the bar and meet a new friend, or lounge on our deck while soaking in one of our region’s elusive sunny afternoons. Kelnero is your destination for relaxation. So come, and stay a while. Sit back and enjoy the music. Take your time exploring the menu, let our staff take good care of you, and nestle into a quintessentially Pacific Northwest lounge.



Whether you’re unwinding after a long day, celebrating with friends and family, or indulging your taste buds, we encourage you to sample the range of beverages we have on offer. At Kelnero you can find both time-tested and wildly unusual cocktails, spirits from around the world, local beer and wine, and a substantial collection of non-alcoholic delights. We strive to serve you the exact drink you want every time you walk through our doors - whether or not you know what that is or have ever even heard of it before.



Fiercely regional and seasonally inspired, Kelnero offers small plates representing a variety of local fare with a modern flair. We cater to all types of eaters, from the dietarily restricted to those with adventurous palates. Our menu changes frequently, so please keep your minds open to new creations and let the past go.



The health of tomorrow's generations relies on the stewardship of today; in every industry, in every business, in every one of us. Kelnero is committed to respecting our environment and our people, today and tomorrow. We serve seasonal food. We only serve straws on request. We offer reusable hand towels in our restroom. We compost. We serve wine on tap. We taste with reusable spoons, not disposable straws. We work with suppliers who are equally committed to sustainability. And most importantly, we are always open to discovering new methods to make our establishment more sustainable, in every sense of the word.